Locating large automotive parts for assembly

Detecting and testing electric car doors

In automotive production, different components need to be located and tested along the production line before final assembly. For electric cars, each button on the door is pressed to check for full functionality. As a conventional production line often manufactures several car models back and forth, the doors – varying in size and design – may shift in position each time, causing the robot to miss buttons and leading to incomplete quality checks. 

Inefficiencies of traditional manufacturing

Traditional automotive manufacturing requires objects and tools to be in fixed positions, as a regular robot is incapable of adapting its movement to match the location of production parts, or knowing whether an object is correctly placed or not. This generates a need for complex positioning or costly sensor systems, and also increases changeover time when manufacturing lines are increasingly required to produce more products at lower volume.

Why Solmotion: object matching with 3D vision

In complex applications such as electronics and automotive assembly, modern automation solutions are critical to achieving flexibility. Solmotion’s advanced AI is capable of detecting randomly placed parts regardless of their position, orientation, or appearance, without the need for additional hardware fixtures. By comparing high quality 3D point clouds with trained golden samples, the system can detect specific features to accurately identify the exact location of the car door and its buttons, before adapting the motion path for the robot to follow and execute quality checks efficiently.