Automotive air ducts,
automation of the metal clips assembly line.


Mergon’s in-house tooling and automation teams utilize robotics and vision system technologies to ensure it can supply its customers with technically demanding parts at a competitive price.

Customer Requirements and Challenges:

Mergon was looking for an advanced vision solution that could recognize the shiny top/bottom view of the buckle pieces (1.5cm*1.5cm) in the tray with a required picking accuracy of up to 1mm.

Solomon’s Bin Picking Solution

Detecting shiny surfaces is one of the many advantages that Solomon AI integrated vision has to offer. To achieve this, AccuPick 3D makes use of a scanner to generate a high-quality 3D point cloud data, acquiring an optimal picking point even when the objects were overlapped.


The customer realized that it was difficult to manage each part separately using a high-end bowl feeder, due to the lightweight and slipperiness of the objects. Solomon’s bin picking solution, AccuPick 3D, provided Mergon with more flexibility, allowing it to cover a wide range of manufacturing parts using a single scanner and AI software. With Solomon’s solution, our customers save a lot of time that is typically used for mechanical programming ensuring a faster return on investment.

“The Solomon team provided excellent support to achieve Mergon′s innovative objective to automate the assembly of metal clips onto an automotive air duct. The project was very successful and surpassed all expectations. The 3D AccuPick System or “eyes on the robot” as it has been referred to in Mergon, has the potential to advance automation to a whole new level. We look forward to working with Solomon on future projects. ”

Do you face similar challenges in your automated process?

A high level of complexity with the size and material of the parts you use?