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14 07, 2021

AI Quality Control of Medical Equipment


AI inspection of safety syringes Improving medical equipment quality Safety syringes comprise several dozens of different components, including a built-in needle that can be detachable or permanently attached. The [...]

AI Quality Control of Medical Equipment2022-01-10T12:51:16+08:00
14 07, 2021

AI Automated Quality Control for Medical Masks


AI and machine vision mask defect inspection  Medical masks and epidemic prevention Medical grade masks are capable of filtering bacteria, bodily fluids, airborne particles, and are the first line [...]

AI Automated Quality Control for Medical Masks2022-01-10T12:51:34+08:00
5 07, 2021

AI Visual Inspection of Transparent Bags


Classifying Printed Labels on IV Fluids Different specifications of IV fluids IV fluids come in many types such as dextrose and sodium chloride and have varying concentrations and volume [...]

AI Visual Inspection of Transparent Bags2022-01-10T12:51:53+08:00
5 07, 2021

AI Inspecting Liquids with Sedimentation


Automated detection of transparent bottles Purity as indicator of quality Large scale biotechnology manufacturers implement HACCP processes to ensure quality and safety of their products. Control of foreign matter [...]

AI Inspecting Liquids with Sedimentation2022-01-10T12:52:08+08:00