Manufacturing industry

13 07, 2021

Inspecting Safety Certification Marks


AI automated detection of defective certification marks Reliability of certified products Safety certification marks are used to encourage products to comply with safety, health, and environmental regulations or standards. [...]

Inspecting Safety Certification Marks2021-08-02T11:23:58+08:00
9 07, 2021

AI Inspection of Power Supply Unit Cables


Detecting errors in electrical cable assembly  Cables for electrical and signal transmission Power supply units (PSUs) such as rectifiers, inverters, transformers are used to convert electric power from a [...]

AI Inspection of Power Supply Unit Cables2021-08-04T18:04:08+08:00
8 07, 2021

Detecting Faulty and Missing Laptop Components


Optimizing laptop assembly processes with AI Assembly and product quality Laptop components in the assembly and packaging process are often matched and handled manually. As the top and bottom [...]

Detecting Faulty and Missing Laptop Components2021-07-26T18:35:58+08:00