Semiconductor industry

15 07, 2021

AI Inspection of Semiconductor Carrier Trays


Detecting missing or incorrectly placed chips in trays Carrier trays and the final stage of packaging After inspection and singulation processes, semiconductor trays move chips to chip pockets for [...]

AI Inspection of Semiconductor Carrier Trays2021-08-11T10:15:13+08:00
15 07, 2021

Inspecting Packaged Semiconductor Chips


AI unsupervised learning for detecting micro defects External protection layer and packaging processes Cutting processes affect the quality of semiconductor wafers. Occasionally, defects such as surface cracks occur when [...]

Inspecting Packaged Semiconductor Chips2021-07-26T18:59:46+08:00
15 07, 2021

Detecting Chipping Defects in Wafer Dicing


Quality control of semiconductor die with AI Reducing semiconductor wafer size Wafer sawing helps singulate the wafer into individual die for subsequent processing. As modern electronics require thinner, smaller, [...]

Detecting Chipping Defects in Wafer Dicing2021-08-11T10:18:46+08:00
13 07, 2021

AI Inspection Solution for Semiconductor Wafers


Quality control of chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) processes CMP and wafer surfaces Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP) is an indispensable process in semiconductor manufacturing, and its purpose is to rectify [...]

AI Inspection Solution for Semiconductor Wafers2021-08-11T11:35:34+08:00
12 07, 2021

Inspecting Semiconductor Packaging Processes


Advanced AI defect detection technology Semiconductor die bonding process  Die bonding (or die mounting) is an important step in semiconductor packaging, which requires adhesion of the silicon chip to [...]

Inspecting Semiconductor Packaging Processes2021-08-10T18:44:26+08:00
8 07, 2021

Automating Semiconductor Wafer Inspections


Intelligent AI defect detection for silicon wafers Balancing yield and quality of silicon wafers During production, semiconductor wafers undergo processes such as lithography, etching, film deposition, diffusion, and grinding, [...]

Automating Semiconductor Wafer Inspections2021-08-04T18:12:10+08:00
8 07, 2021

Detecting Adhesion Defects in Semiconductors


AI deep learning technology for visual inspections Die bonding technique and product stability Die bonding (also die mounting) is a key step in manufacturing semiconductors and involves connecting the [...]

Detecting Adhesion Defects in Semiconductors2021-08-04T18:18:08+08:00
7 07, 2021

Automating Quality Inspection of Lead Frames


AI defect detection for semiconductor lead frames  A key component of semiconductor assembly In the semiconductor assembly process, lead frames connect chips to printed circuit boards, and are also [...]

Automating Quality Inspection of Lead Frames2021-08-10T19:03:32+08:00
5 07, 2021

Visual Inspection of Semiconductor Carrier Trays


Automated defect detection with artificial intelligence Stability and positioning of semiconductor trays Semiconductor carrier trays are indispensable to semiconductor processing, and they come in different formats and material according [...]

Visual Inspection of Semiconductor Carrier Trays2021-08-05T09:53:30+08:00