AccuPick LMMachine Tending & Material Handling

Industrial Automation Software

AccuPick LM is an innovative automation solution designed to optimize material handling and machine tending applications. With a focus on fast and accurate positioning, AccuPick LM enables efficient handling, tending, dispensing, and finishing operations without the need for structured light or 3D vision guidance.
The system quickly detects changes in item position and orientation by utilizing markers, allowing the robot arm to accurately locate target objects in dynamic environments, even if there is displacement. These markers serve as reference points, enabling the robot arm to adjust its movements and compensate for any deviations. With AccuPick LM, the coordinate system shifts to center on the marker itself, ensuring precise and reliable object location.
In automated production line applications, precise material handling and positioning are essential. AccuPick LM simplifies these processes, eliminating the need for additional hardware or complex positioning fixtures. AccuPick LM’s integration as a URcaps plug-in ensures quick and easy installation, making it a convenient solution for existing Universal Robots users.
Streamline your material handling and machine tending tasks with AccuPick LM, unlocking the benefits of optimized automation with this complete, accessible system.


Displacement Recognition
AGV/AMR Integration for Dynamic Working Environments
Seamless Integration with Leading Robot Brands
Ready to Deploy ‘Out of the Box’
Barcode Scanning Capability
Future-Proof Scalability

AccuPick LM Applications

Precision Material Handling [Cobot Mounted on an AGV/AMR]

AccuPick LM swiftly and accurately completes material handling tasks by scanning the marker, moving to the workstation, and performing the desired action. Its precise handling capabilities remain unaffected even if the AGV/AMR is not perfectly aligned.

The integration of a cobot onto an AGV/AMR enables adaptability to different working environments and processes. This versatility makes AccuPick LM an ideal solution for various industries, eliminating the need for human intervention when handling delicate/hazardous goods or operating in controlled environments.

Precision Material Dispensing, Removal, and Finishing [Cobot Affixed on a Workbench]

With the camera on the robot arm, AccuPick LM accurately detects the relative position of the target object, regardless of its orientation. Whether the object is carried by an AGV/AMR or placed on a conveyor belt, precise alignment is not required. AccuPick LM seamlessly scans the marker, dynamically adjusting the robot arm’s path to precisely locate the target object and execute the necessary action.

Barcode Scanning

With AccuPick LM’s barcode scanning function, the barcode location can be accurately identified and read consistently, streamlining workflow processes.