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If you send us a brief description of your requirements, we can evaluate how the SOLOMON solutions can integrate with your application. You can also contact us directly if you need further assistance.

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    Product images * (Attach some pictures of the product(s) you work with)

    Application images * (Attach some pictures of the actual application area/bin/table/etc.)

    How it works

    Submit the details of your application.
    We perform a quick review of your application. If we are confident that the SOLOMON solutions can integrate with your objectives, we will ask you to send us some samples of your product.
    We will perform a free test with your actual products in our robot lab under the same conditions previously submitted.
    Free Proof of Concept
    You will receive a video and a detailed report for your application. You can use this information to evaluate if our solution satisfies your needs and get started with SOLOMON.