Solomon AI and 3D Vision

Solomon excels in industrial automation and augmented intelligence, specializing in AI inspection, process optimization, and empowering frontline workers with AI-powered AR solutions.

What sets Solomon apart is the rapid AI model training embedded in our systems, allowing users to customize models with minimal time investment. Our strong focus on productivity and innovation positions us at the forefront of industrial AI and 3D vision applications, excelling in defect detection, bin picking, and workforce optimization.

Featured Products

SolVisionAI Vision System

vision guided robotics using SolMotion VGR software and SolScan industrial 3D camera with UR robot arm and car hood

SolMotionVision Guided Robotics

AccuPick3D Bin Picking

META-aiviAR + AI Vision System

Leading Multinational Customers

With a global presence, Solomon delivers tailored solutions to renowned customers across diverse industries, including semiconductor, automotive, medical, luxury goods, logistics, and F&B. Our commitment to practical, efficient solutions establishes Solomon as a trusted partner in industrial AI and automation.

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