Application Videos


Multi Box AI Powered Depalletizing

Even within small, restricted placement areas, JustPick can locate boxes, remove them from a pallet, and place them in a specific location. In this video, JustPick combines AI deep learning with machine vision to depalletize by picking and placing boxes in sets of one, two, or three at a time.

Depalletizing with Gantry Crane

JustPick’s AI-powered depalletization combines deep learning with 3D machine vision to locate boxes, pick them one at a time, and place them in a preset location. Different end-effectors can be integrated with JustPick to meet specific task requirements. In this example, a gantry crane is used to unload and transfer mini washing machines.

Depalletizing Transparent Stacks

Transparent pallets are notoriously difficult for conventional machines to ‘see’ and properly unload. With the aid of advanced AI algorithms, JustPick enables depalletizing of boxes one at a time, regardless of their shape, size, material, texture, color, or pattern.