Solomon offers a range of innovative augmented intelligence and industrial automation solutions, software, and systems, that deliver time savings, cost savings, and greater productivity for end users across all sectors and industries.

Augmented Intelligence Solutions

  • META-aivi | AR + AI Vision System | Augmented Intelligence Solution

    META-aivi boosts frontline productivity for tasks requiring human dexterity, integrating effortlessly with devices like AR glasses, smartphones, and IP cameras. This solution can help frontline workers reduce errors through custom AI models that only require a few images to be trained. Utilized in surveillance, SOP validation, counting, and analog meter reading, META-aivi is vital for elevating workplace intelligence and efficiently training new staff, establishing itself as a crucial asset in areas where human dexterity is still required.

Industrial Automation Solutions

  • SolVision AI vision software interface

    SolVision | AI Vision System | Industrial Automation Software

    SolVision redefines vision detection technology as a highly versatile tool, adept at a broad spectrum of applications from defect inspection and classification to counting and OCR. Our solution achieves remarkable efficiency by requiring only a minimal set of sample images to develop a robust AI model. With its user-friendly interface, SolVision empowers users to customize AI applications effortlessly, eliminating the need for coding. Trusted by Fortune 500 companies globally, SolVision stands as a rapid and dependable solution for addressing complex vision detection challenges.
  • Solomon Solmotion deep learning software integrated with robotic arm inspecting welds on metal car hood

    SolMotion | Vision Guided Robotics | Industrial Automation Software

    SolMotion merges advanced AI, 3D vision, and robotics, offering a versatile robotic solution for inspection, deburring, grinding, and polishing. SolMotion can learn to identify an object’s features from just a few images, enabling robots to adapt paths instantly without fixed positions, significantly reducing the need for costly fixtures. This flexibility is crucial for tasks involving diverse or evolving objects, streamlining operations, and cutting operational costs.
  • AccuPick 3D Bin Picking Solution

    AccuPick 3D bin picking system is the ultimate solution for all robotic vision bin picking applications. Start bin picking in minutes from just 1-3 images. Easily handle thousands of SKUs.
  • Solomon AccuPick LM machine tending and pick-and-place applications

    AccuPick LM | Automated Material Handling Solution | Industrial Automation System

    AccuPick LM is an innovative automation solution that optimizes material handling and machine tending with fast and accurate positioning, eliminating the need for structured light or 3D vision guidance.