“We have been very pleased with both the Solomon product and company as a whole. The product is very versatile and easier to use than other 3D vision systems we have used in the past. The AccuPick system offers functionality that no other company can yet.”

US customer, Brendan Forbes, , Sales Manager of Chicago Electric

“Before using Solomon′s products, we were using a competitor′s product, but it was not very useful. We believe, for the first time, that RBP will be feasible in the automation of production lines after using Solomon′s AccuPick. We are particularly impressed that AI functions, not found in other companies, were integrated into.”

Japanese customer, IDEC Corporation

“With AccuPick from Solomon, we have now been able to deliver Bin Picking. This has been a task that we think has been missing in the market. As a company, Solomon has provided good knowledge and support from their team. Solomon has been responsive to our wishes and changes. We see with great confidence our clear future together.”


“The Solomon team provided excellent support to achieve Mergon′s innovative objective to automate the assembly of metal clips onto an automotive air duct. The project was very successful and surpassed all expectations. The 3D AccuPick System or “eyes on the robot” as it has been referred to in Mergon, has the potential to advance automation to a whole new level. We look forward to working with Solomon on future projects. ”

“We are glad that we chose AccuPick for one of the most challenging Bin Picking projects that came our way. With a large FoV & working distance of over 1250mm, we needed a picking accuracy of +/- 1mm. The components were small and heavy with a tendency of getting entangled with each other. The Bin in the comparison was deep, so a long gripping tool had to be used which added to a lot of complexity and restrictions due to the high possibility of Gripper Collision, Bin Collision and Limited Picking Angles. The Solomon team put in some massive efforts to overcome all challenges and achieve better than committed cycle times. ROS Motion Planning was deployed which resulted in almost magical robot motions for pick missions. We believe no other Bin Picking Solution would have been able to execute this project of such high complexity.”

We are grateful to be able to sell AccuPick systems without having any concerns thanks to the support of SOLOMON Sales Team and their engineers. The technology of AI deep learning is an excellent technology which no other companies can offer. As a result, we were able to meet a wide range of customer requests in Random Picking applications. We are also developing new technologies and applications, and we hope that SOLOMON will continue to do its best as a market leader in 3D cameras. We are looking forward to work on future projects.

Japanese customer, Kantum-Ushikata

Solomon’s AI-3D Vision System is a very unique software with outstanding features. Supporting a wide range of robots, we were able to build a superior robot control system. With the constant evolving of their software and the support in a kind and polite way, makes Solomon a preferred partner of Japanese System Integrators.

Japanese customer, ICS SAKABE