Product​ Case Studies

SOLOMON 3D Bin Picking Web - Machine Vision -Robot Vision
SOLOMON 3D BIn Picking web -AI vision- Vision Guided Robot
Portable AI Vision System
AccuPick 3D
Smart Bin Picking

Industry Case Studies

a new commercial aircraft airframe being assembled in a hangar
Aerospace and Defense
an assembly line of cars with robots working on them
three construction workers wearing hi vis jackets at a construction site in front of a cement truck
close up of an engineer is soldering a circuit board
a conveyor belt filled with lots of baked snacks
Food and Beverage
cardboard box moving along a conveyor in a warehouse
optical sorting machine for fastening nuts
a stack of metal sheets on top of a metal table
Metal Processing
an optoelectronics machine with a blue light inside of it
a man checking fuel truck pipeline
Petrochemicals, Plastics, and Rubber
vials of medication are lined up on a conveyor belt
Pharmaceuticals and Medical
water pumps inside a water pumping station
Public Utilities
a close up of a semiconductor wafer being fabricated
an electrician inspecting a wiring panel inside a smart factory
Smart Manufacturing
a stack of textile spindles behind a yellow robot arm
Textiles and Footwear

Application Case Studies

fan inspected using defect detection software
3D Matching
bin picking using a robot arm inside a smart factory
Bin Picking
AI classification of eggs
stack of steel pipes counted using AR
defect detection of medical devices using SolVision AI inspection software
Defect Detection
depalletizing cardboard boxes onto a roller conveyor using a blue Yaskawa robot
a stack of textile spindles behind a yellow robot arm
graphic of a metal bicycle frame being grinded by vision guided robotics with UR robot arm and SolScan industrial 3D camera
kitting using SolScan industrial 3D camera, AccuPick bin picking software, and ABB robot
OCR detection of a production date and expiry date printed on a bottle cap
Optical Character Recognition
pick and place tin cans on a production line using a UR robot arm
Pick and Place
presence/absence detection of PTP using SolVision AI inspection software
AI inspection of metal bike frame showing 'OK' using AR glasses
Quality/Safety Inspection
IP camera mounted outside a warehouse
Remote Monitoring
SOP validation of electrical wiring panel configuration using AR glasses
SOP Validation
green laser beams
Vision Guided Robotics