Solomon Solutions

As industrial AI and automation experts, backed up by over 50 years of experience in technology innovation, Solomon offers a range of award-winning augmented intelligence and industrial automation solutions. Our portfolio includes advanced software, robust hardware, and innovative systems, all designed to deliver a variety of applications across a wide range of industries.

Augmented Intelligence Solutions

META-aivi | Portable AI Vision System | Augmented Intelligence Solution

META-aivi is a versatile AI vision system that transforms smart devices into powerful Augmented Intelligence tools by combining machine vision with human dexterity to minimize human error, improve safety, enhance security, and optimize frontline performance with portable machine vision.

Industrial Automation Solutions

AccuPick LM | Material Handling & Machine Tending | Industrial Automation System

AccuPick LM, developed by Solomon on the UR+ ecosystem, is an innovative automation solution that optimizes material handling and machine tending with fast and accurate positioning, eliminating the need for structured light or 3D vision guidance.

JustPick | Next Generation Intralogistics | Industrial Automation Software

JustPick is Solomon’s dedicated picking solution for intralogistics that automates picking processes whilst enabling cobots to handle unknown SKUs without interruption or the need for object recognition training.

AccuPick SmartPack | Intelligent Packing Solution | Industrial Automation Software

AccuPick SmartPack is a state-of-the-art intelligent packing solution that uses advanced AI and 3D vision to optimally fill boxes, reducing shipping costs and packing materials wastage.

AccuPick 2D | Smart Manufacturing & Smart Logistics | Industrial Automation Software

AccuPick 2D is an intelligent AI-based vision system for smart manufacturing and smart logistics that enhances robotic applications, improving speed and accuracy in routine operations.

AccuPick 3D | Smart Bin Picking | Industrial Automation Software

AccuPick 3D is an award-winning smart bin picking solution that uses 3D machine vision to accurately detect and pick random or unknown objects, regardless of their appearance, spatial location, or orientation.

SolMotion | Vision Guided Robotics | Industrial Automation Software

SolMotion is an award-winning vision guided robotics solution that uses 3D vision and machine learning to guide robots to execute tasks with speed and precision.

SolVision | AI Vision System | Industrial Automation Software

SolVision is Solomon’s flagship AI vision system software that uses advanced algorithms and machine learning to optimize inspection and reduce inspection time, increasing inspection accuracy across a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, food processing, textiles, and electronics.

SolScan | Industrial 3D Camera | Industrial Automation Hardware

SolScan is an industrial 3D camera that utilizes structured light technology to provide a fast and dependable solution for developing customizable 3D applications across multiple industries.