Industry Videos

black and white photo of an ancient artifact
Art and Heritage Preservation
an assembly line of cars with robots working on them
a conveyor belt filled with lots of baked snacks
Food and Beverage
cardboard box moving along a conveyor in a warehouse
Packaging and Logistics
optical sorting machine for fastening nuts
Machinery and Metals
a stack of textile spindles behind a yellow robot arm
Textiles and Footwear

Application Videos

bin picking using a robot arm inside a smart factory
Bin Picking
AI classification of eggs
depalletizing cardboard boxes onto a roller conveyor using a blue Yaskawa robot
defect detection of medical devices using SolVision AI inspection software
Defect Detection
machine tending using a UR robot and AccuPick bin picking software
Machine Tending
OCR detection of a production date and expiry date printed on a bottle cap
kitting using SolScan industrial 3D camera, AccuPick bin picking software, and ABB robot
Piece Picking
presence/absence detection of PTP using SolVision AI inspection software