Bin Picking with Collision Avoidance

Recognizing objects in a container is only half the job done. When objects are identical or similar, and stacked or randomly piled in an outsized bin, AccuPick not only recognizes their picking positions but can also quickly identify and deploy optimal picking paths that avoid any collision.

Unloading Moving Objects Bobbins

When items are placed irregularly or shift during the handling process, such pick-and-place tasks have traditionally been difficult to automate. Using AccuPick, complex items such as bobbins can be unloaded from racks, regardless of any change in position or orientation, with an accuracy tolerance of +/- 1 mm.

Picking 5mm Washers with Mecademic

Small, thin overlapping objects such as o-rings, washers, or small components often used in electronic products require advanced 3D machine vision for successful pickings. AccuPick supports over twenty major robot brands including Mecadmic and multiple 3D structured light cameras for such applications.

Picking Complex Metal Parts

In applications where complex parts need to be placed with high precision, AccuPick makes it easy to pick, scan, and place. Individual objects are first picked from a bin then scanned to identify the optimum grasping point, before being placed in the required position.

Picking Transparent Bottles

Semi-transparent and transparent objects have always been difficult for machines to ‘see’ and identify. With its advanced AI algorithms and easy-to-use 3D camera, AccuPick can readily locate non-reflective transparent items such as plastic bottles, and place them in the required orientation.

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