AccuPick ProSmart 3D Vision System

Industrial Automation System

All-in-One 3D Vision System

AccuPick Pro is a complete all-in-one smart 3D vision system that provides advanced capabilities for bin picking. The unique combination of a 2D camera, a 3D scanner, and embedded AI technology delivers a compact and powerful 3D vision solution.

Easy Setup for Seamless Integration

AccuPick Pro is compatible with a variety of robot brands, including UR and Yaskawa, and supports industrial protocols such as Modbus, and TCP/IP. This enables seamless integration with existing systems, simplifying the implementation process. With no software installation required, AccuPick Pro is ready to use out-of-the-box, allowing for simple setup and rapid deployment.

Intuitive Browser-Based Operation

AccuPick Pro has a browser-based user interface and a built-in computer for intuitive operation and can be controlled remotely using a regular PC or smartphone. The system incorporates advanced motion planning and bin collision avoidance features, ensuring efficient and safe operation in diverse industrial environments.

Accessible Automation Technology

AccuPick Pro makes 3D vision capabilities accessible to companies of any scale, enabling enhanced picking tasks and increased efficiency in industrial automation processes.

AccuPick Pro Features

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Robot Compatibility

AccuPick Pro works seamlessly with a wide range of leading robot brands, including UR and Yaskawa.

Built-in AI

AccuPick Pro includes AI tools for detection, random bin picking, and unknown picking.

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Structured Light 3D Scanner

AccuPick Pro’s 3D scanning capabilities enable precise measurements and detailed point cloud information.

Web-based UI

AccuPick Pro’s web-based graphical user interface makes it simple to operate and optimize picking workflows, with no coding required and no need to install software.

Advanced Motion Planning

Solomon has integrated Nvidia Isaac Manipulator to accelerate the path planning of robots during bin picking. AccuPick Pro’s advanced motion planning module also ensures that robots follow the most efficient path, incorporating bin collision avoidance for enhanced safety and productivity.

3D Point Cloud Matching

AccuPick Pro’s advanced AI tools enable accurate and reliable object recognition, even in complex environments.

Factory Calibrated

AccuPick Pro comes pre-calibrated and ready to deploy, with a pre-installed docker image for easy integration.

All-in-One Solution

AccuPick Pro’s compact design enables easy integration, simplifying setup and operation.

Accessible Innovation

AccuPick Pro is a complete automation solution that can be operated with a regular smartphone or tablet device. No external computer is required.

AccuPick Pro Applications

Pick and Place

Pick and Place

Random Bin Picking

Random Bin Picking





AccuPick Pro Specifications

3D TechStructured Light
Resolution1920 x 1200
Working Range300-2000 mm
Dimension (L-W-H)223 x 170 x 55 mm
Resolution of Object0.1mm-1.5mm
Operating Temperature0-40°C
Power SupplyInput: 100-240 AC / 50-60Hz Output: 12VDC / 11.5A / 138W