SOLOMON Technology Corporation was founded in 1973, and after 23 years as a leading company in the technology sector it was listed in the Taiwan Stock Market in 1996 (Stock Code: 2359).

SOLOMON´s contributions to the development of vision systems and automation have been widely recognized, allowing it to position itself as one of the top 200 technology companies in Taiwan.

Our existing or in development products provide powerful robot functions that can effectively solve tasks that were previously difficult or impossible for robots to perform. This becomes possible through the use of Advanced 3D Vision and the latest Deep Learning technologies.

As Artificial Intelligence rapidly evolves, we believe that the potential to raise productivity in factories and to develop our society is unlimited. We look forward to hear your feedback as we work with our partners around the world to continue this exciting journey.

SOLOMON Technology Corporation

Our vision is to become the leader of 3D Vision Systems and Industrial AI, by making robots smarter and easier to use.

Our mission is to enable robots and machines having human-like vision and recognition capabilities to perform increasingly complex work tasks in the manufacturing and logistics industries.

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