Application Videos


Unknown Piece Picking

JustPick is a convenient tool for picking things that do not need to be placed in a specific position or orientation. Items of varying shapes and materials can be handled efficiently without the robot having to ‘see’ or ‘learn’ about them beforehand.

Barcode Scanning

Warehouses often need to scan barcodes to identify or process an SKU. With JustPick, items of all shapes, sizes, and in any orientation can be picked and scanned at high speed to complete order fulfillment.

High-Speed Piece Picking

Different 3D cameras feature unique specifications that make them better suited for certain applications. Intel RealSense uses laser lights and receivers to generate power-efficient, quality images that make it possible to pick random items of a fast-moving conveyor.

Unknown Fragile Goods

Microsoft Azure Kinect cameras and Omron robots are integrated with JustPick to automate the picking of crystal accessories and homeware for a global 3PL. Without any prior programming, JustPick can help warehouses automate piece picking to improve throughput and efficiency.

Parcel Picking for Logistics and E-commerce

Using AI-powered machine vision, JustPick offers logistics hubs a cost-effective solution to handle large inventories – automated parcel picking. Robots are enabled to pick at high speed, recognize random parcels without prior training, and undo overlapped picks. Additional features include barcode scanning, parcel flipping, and aligning, and collision avoidance.