Industry Videos


Random bin picking with collision avoidance

Solomon’s AccuPick 3D vision system can easily pick metal objects while recognizing front vs. back regardless of the reflectiveness of its materials. AccuPick 3D allows the robot arm to automatically optimize the motion path, preventing the robot arm from colliding with the bin, even when it exceeds a depth of 30 cm.

Bin Picking – Front & Back Sides

Random bin picking of automotive components based on Solomon′s 3D scanner and software. The system connects with a Kawasaki robot with a payload of 5kg and must distinguish the front and back sides of the object.

Robotic Gluing of Car Engine Hood

Demo of car engine hood gluing using Solomon 3D scanner and path planning software. The 3D vision system recognizes automatically the orientation of the engine′s hood and adjusts the robot path accordingly. There is no need to mechanically fix the object′s position.