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JustPick For Next Generation Intralogistics

Logistics hubs deal with packages of all shapes and sizes, which often involve labor-intensive sorting processes. In response to growing e-commerce demands, automated parcel picking is fast becoming the cost-effective solution to handling large inventories.

De-palletization of tiled boxes

Moving boxes from pallets is a common job in the logistics industry, but it’s not easy to turn it into an automated process. Unlike humans who can easily identify close arranged boxes with no gaps in between, robots struggle to detect these and therefore it is difficult to train them.

3D picking of apparels placed in polybags

Using Solomon’s AccuPick 3D we are able to pick apparel of various sizes and colors placed randomly in a bin. No prior learning of the individual apparel items is required, the system automatically picks them using the brand new Soft Gripper from OnRobot and UR5 cobot. This easy-to-use 3D vision package is available for any SI that wants to build a picking station.

Picking and Sorting of Randomly Placed Boxes

Randomly placed boxes are picked and sorted based on labeled information.

Warehouse Logistics – 3D box picking and classifying

AccuPick 3D can sort and classify boxes with slightly different colors by using the most advanced deep learning technology and 3D vision.