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Footwear & Textile

SOLOMON 3D vision de-rack automation

The Solomon 3D camera was mounted on the end axis of the robotic arm, allowing it to scan and recognize the bobbin location utilizing the AI image recognition system. By providing precise coordinates (3mm accuracy),the system helped the robot to accurately carry out the unloading task from the rack to the next automation station.

World′s First Automated Shoe Lacing Machine

Robotic lacing is widely considered a challenging task in the shoe industry. This patented machine uses 3D vision to guide a Kawasaki robot arm to go through the eyelets even if they are positioned differently among shoes of the same size and design model.

Inspection of Finished Shoe Defects

Using Solomon´s deep learning software; various defects on a shoe can be inspected and identified in real time. These imperfections include stains, scratches, over cementing, and any other irregular features. All it takes is a small number of defective samples for training purposes.

Inspection of Fabric Blemish

Bar shaped white marks on a piece of fabric are easily identified using our deep learning software. Other defects such as marks, oil stains and holes can also be recognized through this process.

3D Scanning and Measurement of Shoes

A robot with Solomon 3D scanner takes several 3D images of a shoe and stitches the images together. The resulting point cloud can be used to measure any dimensions or point-to-point distances on the scanned object (this can be done faster by using multiple scanners).