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AccuPickCase Study

Glass Fiber Bobbin Deracking


The customer is a well-known international chemical glass fiber manufacturing company headquartered in Asia.


Automating Glass Fiber Bobbin Handling

In this factory, the handling of glass fiber bobbins involved a repetitive process of manually loading and unloading materials from the rack to the station.

The customer recognized the need for an automated deracking solution to improve efficiency. However, the random positioning of the bobbins made it difficult for a robot to operate without vision guidance.

To automate the loading and unloading process, the robot needed to accurately identify the position of each bobbin, but the rack’s generic design hindered this capability.


Enhancing Bobbin Position Identification with AI-based Robotic 3D Vision

The challenge of accurately identifying the bobbin position in the rack was successfully resolved with the implementation of AI-based robotic 3D vision using SolScan and AccuPick.

The industrial 3D camera integrated onto the end axis of the robotic arm played a pivotal role in this solution. Utilizing Solomon’s AI image recognition software, the SolScan camera scanned and recognized the precise location of each bobbin.

With a remarkable accuracy of 3 mm, the system provided precise coordinates, enabling the robot to execute the unloading task flawlessly from the rack to the subsequent automation station.


Accurately identified bobbin positions despite random rack placement
Enabled flawless bobbin unloading, reducing manual labor and increasing productivity
Improved worker safety by negating the need for manual handling
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