• a forklift truck drives past stacked shelves insides a warehouse

    Inventory Management Using AR + AI

    META-aivi improves logistics efficiency with smart inventory management. AR + AI enhances counting accuracy, reduces human error, and streamlines workflows.

  • Loading and Unloading Tanker Trucks Safely Using AR + AI

    META-aivi uses AI detection to perform a step-by-step inspection of the chemical tanker loading/unloading process to ensure the operator is following the correct procedure.

  • inside a 3PL distribution center

    Fragile Items Pick and Place

    Solomon’s cutting-edge logistics solution, AccuPick, emerges as a frontrunner during a blind test, utilizing AI algorithms and 3D imaging for picking unknown items.

  • green laser beams

    Vision Guided Robotics for Laser Marking Applications

    SolMotion offers precise and continuous laser marking with AI-based 3D scanning technology, enabling real-time part positioning for robots to identify and mark objects accurately.

  • Inspecting Packaging Seals

    Based on deep learning technology, SolVision can determine whether a seal is intact by comparing a perfect packaging with potential variations

  • Automated Recognition of License Plates & Cargo Container Numbers

    Solvison enables OCR for license plates and container numbers even when shapes, color and locations of characters vary, and are pictured in poor lighting conditions.

  • Inspecting Aluminum Product Packaging

    Powered by artificial intelligence, SolVision automates visual inspections for detecting production inconsistencies. By comparing real-time product images to a golden sample.