Food and Beverage

  • iced ring doughnuts in a white box

    Automated Self-Checkout Using AI

    International doughnut chain improves checkout efficiency with AI-based automated self-checkout, reducing customer wait times and enhancing store operations.

  • Blur abstract background of people shopping in supermarket, products on shelves

    Retail Stock Verification Using AR + AI

    In a nationwide supermarket chain, META-aivi revolutionized shelf organization by addressing challenges such as misplaced products, stock shortages, and new employee training.

  • automated depalletizing in a warehouse

    Automated Depalletizing Using AI

    AccuPick combines AI deep learning with machine vision for automated depalletizing by picking and placing multiple boxes at a time for optimal distribution.

  • Vegetable Inspection Using AI

    Vegetable AI visual inspection with SolVision achieved 100% accuracy in artichoke orientation in just 50 milliseconds, elevating efficiency in food production.

  • food quality inspection of apples on a conveyor in a factory

    Food Quality Inspection Using AR + AI

    META-aivi enables real-time detection of foreign objects in food production, addressing challenges associated with manual inspection such as worker fatigue and the risk of human error.

  • assorted coffee capsules

    Product Packaging Sequence Detection Using AI

    AI-driven precision in coffee capsule packaging, overcoming color and reflective metal challenges for automated packaging sequence detection.

  • Egg Quality Inspection and Classification

    SolVision recognizes defects and categorizes eggs, enabling automated AI inspection on a fast moving production line for better food safety and quality control.

  • Glass Bottle Inspection Using AI

    Through advanced image processing, SolVision can fully automate inspection processes to detect production flaws.

  • Packaging Seal Inspection Using AI

    Based on deep learning technology, SolVision can determine whether a seal is intact by comparing a perfect packaging with potential variations