• 3D Object Positioning with Vision Guided Robotics

    SolMotion’s advanced AI is capable of detecting randomly placed auto parts regardless of their position, orientation, or appearance, optimizing assembly.

  • metal rails stacked in a railway yard

    Automated Rail Edge Trimming Using AI

    SolMotion vision guided robotics enables AI-driven automation of rail edge trimming, enhancing efficiency and supply in railway manufacturing.

  • robot arms controlled by VGR operating on an automotive production line

    Vision Guided Robotics in Automotive Processes

    Solomon’s VGR solution, Solmotion, uses cutting-edge AI and 3D technologies to assist complex manufacturing operations such as car sealing.

  • Grinding Metal Parts with Vision Guided Robotics

    Automating precise grinding with SolMotion’s 3D matching tech. Enhance quality, reduce waste, and boost productivity in metal component manufacturing.

  • green laser beams

    Vision Guided Robotics for Laser Marking Applications

    SolMotion offers precise and continuous laser marking with AI-based 3D scanning technology, enabling real-time part positioning for robots to identify and mark objects accurately.