Vision Guided Robotics

  • gearwheels of a car engine valve train

    Automated Gear Loading Using AI

    AccuPick enhances automotive component manufacturing with automated gear loading. The AI-driven vision system ensures precise picking and collision avoidance.

  • metal rails stacked in a railway yard

    Automated Rail Edge Trimming Using AI

    SolMotion vision guided robotics enables AI-driven automation of rail edge trimming, enhancing efficiency and supply in railway manufacturing.

  • robot arms controlled by VGR operating on an automotive production line

    Vision Guided Robotics in Automotive Processes

    Solomon’s VGR solution, SolMotion, uses cutting-edge AI and 3D technologies to assist complex manufacturing operations such as car sealing.

  • green laser beams

    Vision Guided Robotics for Laser Marking Applications

    SolMotion offers precise and continuous laser marking with AI-based 3D scanning technology, enabling real-time part positioning for robots to identify and mark objects accurately.

  • person holding tool during daytime

    Visual Inspection of Automotive Weld Beads

    Powered by AI, SolVision deep learning software trains an AI model by simulating potential weld bead defects in random brightness conditions