Gauge Meter Reading Using AR + AI


The customer is a major producer of synthetic materials and plastics with more than 50 years of experience in the market.


Optimizing Gauge Monitoring for Efficiency and Compliance

In plastics manufacturing, regular monitoring of equipment meters and gauges is paramount for maintaining production and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. In this case, workers needed to inspect digital and analog gauges every hour, record the data on a paper form, and then manually input the information into the customer’s IT system. Recognizing the need for enhanced efficiency and accuracy in this repetitive procedure, the customer sought a solution to streamline and fortify this process.

An engineer is recording pressure level of the pumping unit's gauge at refinery processing plant. Industrial working action scene photo, selective focus.


Tackling Fatigue and Errors During Gauge Reading

The inspection process faced challenges due to exhaustive manual gauge checks causing worker fatigue, leading to mistakes and data recording errors. Reliance on a physical paper trail compounded issues, resulting in misplaced documents and potential fines during audits. Digitizing readings from both analog gauges and digital meters added complexity to finding an efficient solution.


Streamlining Gauge Meter Data Capture with AR + AI

META-aivi was seamlessly integrated into the company’s management system, allowing operators to effortlessly capture gauge meter data by taking a photograph with a tablet or smartphone, instantly digitizing the information and uploading it to the customer’s database for timely record keeping and accessibility in case of future audits.


70% faster than previous gauge meter inspection process
Inspection records automatically uploaded to the customer’s IT system
Reduced data recording errors

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