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AR + AI Vision System

AI Vision for Smart Devices

META-aivi is a remote collaboration AI vision system that can be deployed on mobile or fixed smart devices. Combining the power of machine vision with human dexterity, META-aivi provides a total augmented intelligence solution, offering a wide range of integrated applications for recognition and detection across multiple industries.

AR Smart Glasses

META-aivi is compatible with AR glasses from leading brands, including RealWear, Rokid, Epson, and Moziware. When engaging in tasks that require the use of both hands, AR glasses enable hands-free operation. They also facilitate remote support from experienced personnel, providing operational guidance and more. META-aivi can perform image detection and recognition applications similar to conventional visual systems.

Mobile Smart Devices [Smartphones/Tablets]

Directly deployable on regular smart mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, META-aivi seamlessly integrates AI machine vision wherever you go. There’s no need to purchase additional hardware; the painless integration of AI machine vision facilitates the upgrade to Industry 4.0.

Portable/Fixed Surveillance Cameras

META-aivi can integrate with existing surveillance cameras (IP cams) or portable cameras (body cams) to achieve continuous monitoring of equipment data, such as flow meters, mechanical or digital gauges for water/oil/electricity/gas pressure, etc. Additionally, META-aivi can provide real-time remote monitoring of personnel and facilities to ensure safety and enhance security.

Industrial Applications and Solutions

AI Recognition and Counting

Simultaneously perform rapid image recognition of object types and accurately calculate quantities, even in cases of misalignment, skewing, overlapping, or glare.

Data Reading and Monitoring

META-aivi can accurately read and transmit data from complex digital or mechanical meters, enabling continuous and round-the-clock automatic monitoring.

SOP Validation

AR provides direct guidance to operators and confirmation of the correct steps, ensuring SOP compliance. META-aivi enables electronic record-keeping and tracking, serving as a powerful tool for training new personnel.

Defect Detection

META-aivi allows operators to inspect objects from fixed positions or different angles and detect various defects including missing components, scratches, welding defects, foreign object detection, and other anomalies.

Smart Factory Inspection

META-aivi can detect whether there are any abnormalities in the setup or operation of machinery and equipment both within the factory area and at off-site locations. It can also automatically report errors remotely to alert maintenance crews.

Remote Monitoring

Enable real-time monitoring of personnel adherence to safety protocols, including the use of equipment and the execution of tasks. META-aivi can be deployed through IP cameras and integrated with existing surveillance systems.

Advanced AI Technology

Programming Skills Required
Rapid AI Model Training
Fewer Samples Required
Solomon’s in-house developed deep learning neural network technology creates models with optimal stability and minimal learning costs. Catering to clients globally across various industries, we deliver professional AI and 3D machine vision services to address diverse automation challenges.

Integration with PTC Vuforia Engine

The object remains consistently in its original position, regardless of angle, direction, or movement. This ensures a stable, authentic, and seamless experience for visual inspection and identification applications with AR + AI.

META-aivi Industry Case Studies

a new commercial aircraft airframe being assembled in a hangar
Aerospace and Defense
an assembly line of cars with robots working on them
three construction workers wearing hi vis jackets at a construction site in front of a cement truck
close up of an engineer is soldering a circuit board
a conveyor belt filled with lots of baked snacks
Food and Beverage
cardboard box moving along a conveyor in a warehouse
optical sorting machine for fastening nuts
a stack of metal sheets on top of a metal table
Metal Processing
an optoelectronics machine with a blue light inside of it
a man checking fuel truck pipeline
vials of medication are lined up on a conveyor belt
Pharmaceuticals and Medical
water pumps inside a water pumping station
Public Utilities
a close up of a semiconductor wafer being fabricated
an electrician inspecting a wiring panel inside a smart factory
Smart Manufacturing
a stack of textile spindles behind a yellow robot arm
Textiles and Footwear

Enhance ESG with META-aivi

Solomon plays a pivotal role in the implementation of ESG practices, thereby elevating and fortifying companies with their commitments to environmental, social, and governance responsibilities through our augmented intelligence technology.


Solomon drives sustainable transformation with META-aivi for paperless operations and optimal resource utilization.


META-aivi addresses workforce challenges by lowering the employment threshold, bridging the gap between manpower shortages and technological needs.


Through remote monitoring, META-aivi enhances due diligence management, minimizing the risk of industrial accidents, ensuring regulatory compliance, and safeguarding personnel.

Why Solomon?

Solomon AI and 3D VisionOthers
AI ModelTraining in as fast as 60 seconds, requiring 90% fewer samples than ordinary AIHuge dataset required, taking hours—even days—to complete model training
CustomizationEasily adjust and add new items to an existing modelOld and new items need to be retrained together
After-sales ServiceContinual support from our expert application engineers and multilingual global teamReduced post-sales support, lack of breadth of expertise and localization

Trusted Throughout the World

Our in-house developed AI and 3D machine vision systems have positioned Solomon as a global leader in industrial automation technology solutions. Our international clientele includes companies and enterprises across diverse industries including semiconductors, electronics, automotive, food, textiles, logistics, and more.
logos of recognizable companies that are customers of Solomon AI and 3D Vision, including Ecco, Toyota, FedEx, Siemens, 3M, and Mondelez

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