Quality/Safety Inspection

  • Car Paint Defect Detection Using AI

    SolVision uses AI for precise car paint defect detection, enhancing quality and efficiency in automotive manufacturing for a leading car manufacturer.

  • Inspection engineers preparing to rappel down a rotor blade of a wind turbine in a wind farm on a clear day with blue sky

    Wind Turbine Inspection Using Drones + AI

    META-aivi maximizes wind turbine inspection efficiency with AI-powered drones, mitigating human error in onshore and offshore wind farm maintenance.

  • transceiver module electronic component soldering inspection using AI

    Electronic Components Soldering Inspection Using AI

    Explore how META-aivi optimizes electronic components inspection, using AI to increase accuracy and reduce human error in soldering inspection.

  • close-up of PCB assembly

    PCB Assembly Verification Using AI

    META-aivi optimizes PCB assembly and inspection for a leading IPC manufacturer, enhancing precision and efficiency with AR + AI verification.

  • a welder welding a piece of metal with sparks

    Welding Bead Defect Detection Using AR + AI

    AI models can be trained and uploaded into the system for qualified welding points. This enables AI inspection of welded sections using AR glasses or a tablet device to quickly recognize defective welds.

  • Car doors painted shiny gray color in assembling workshop

    Car Door Assembly Inspection Using AI

    AccuPick + SolVision optimizes car door assembly inspection, enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and quality on automotive assembly lines.

  • front car headlight isolated on a white background

    Automotive Parts Quality Control Using AI

    META-aivi optimizes automotive parts quality control with AI, reducing errors and digitizing the process for unparalleled product inspection efficiency.

  • male professional checking the condition of a fire extinguisher

    Fire Extinguisher Inspection Using AR + AI

    Discover how a company improved fire extinguisher inspections by implementing META-aivi, enabling real-time issue detection, streamlining processes, and reducing inspection time by 60%.

  • food quality inspection of apples on a conveyor in a factory

    Food Quality Inspection Using AR + AI

    META-aivi enables real-time detection of foreign objects in food production, addressing challenges associated with manual inspection such as worker fatigue and the risk of human error.