Defect Detection

  • Car Paint Defect Detection Using AI

    SolVision uses AI for precise car paint defect detection, enhancing quality and efficiency in automotive manufacturing for a leading car manufacturer.

  • newly produced white pills on a blue surface

    Tablet Inspection Using AI

    SolVision enhances tablet inspection with AI for precise defect detection, boosting pharmaceutical production efficiency and accuracy.

  • transparent IV bag on a clear background

    IV Bag Inspection Using AI

    SolVision achieves a 100% detection rate of foreign particles in IV bags through an innovative AI vision system for efficient defect detection.

  • a welder welding a piece of metal with sparks

    Welding Bead Defect Detection Using AR + AI

    AI models can be trained and uploaded into the system for qualified welding points. This enables AI inspection of welded sections using AR glasses or a tablet device to quickly recognize defective welds.

  • pile of shiny metal bolts

    Metal Bolt Defect Detection Using AI

    SolVision ensures a flawless 100% defect detection rate in just 49 milliseconds per bolt, addressing reflective surface challenges and eliminating false negatives.

  • Vegetable Inspection Using AI

    Vegetable AI visual inspection with SolVision achieved 100% accuracy in artichoke orientation in just 50 milliseconds, elevating efficiency in food production.

  • PCB Inspection Using AR Glasses

    Using AR glasses and our easy-to-operate wearable AI, operators are able to accurately identify PCB components and verify that they have been placed correctly.

  • presence/absence detection of PTP using SolVision AI inspection software

    Blister Pack Inspection Using AI

    SolVision transforms blister pack inspection, overcoming reflective material challenges to improve accuracy and efficiency in pharmaceutical production with AI.

  • Egg Quality Inspection and Classification

    SolVision recognizes defects and categorizes eggs, enabling automated AI inspection on a fast moving production line for better food safety and quality control.