Introducing AccuPick 3D’s Auto-labeling Image Annotation Tool

AccuPick 3D, version 3.1, now offers Solomon’s groundbreaking auto-labeling image annotation tool to new and existing customers, completely free of charge!

In the latest update of AccuPick 3D, we have included this remarkable add-on that revolutionizes the image labeling process. By leveraging photorealistic simulation for data acquisition and annotation, our auto-labeling tool simplifies and expedites the entire process.

Save Time and Money with AccuPick 3D

Image annotation, also known as image labeling, can often be a time-consuming task. At Solomon, we value the importance of both time and money. That’s why we offer AccuPick 3D to help you save both.

AccuPick 3D Auto-labeling Benefits

✓ No more manual labeling

✓ Real-time recognition and labeling

✓ Photorealistic simulation for data acquisition

✓ Reduction in the processing time, completing it in minutes instead of hours

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