3D Bin Picking Solution

Start Picking in Minutes

50 Times Faster Than Ordinary AI
90% Fewer Samples Required

Intelligent Bin Picking Features

Rapid Learning AI

Rapid Learning AI

AccuPick’s built-in AI learns new items in minutes from as few as 1-3 sample images through rapid AI model training

No Coding Required

No Coding Required

Easily build AI models without coding through AccuPick’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface

Robot + Camera Compatibility

Robot + Camera Compatibility

AccuPick works with 30+ robot brands and supports various 3D camera technologies, including Structured Light, Active Stereo Vision, Time-of-Flight, and Laser

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

AccuPick integrates easily into existing systems and production lines, providing an optimal robot vision system solution

Start Picking in Minutes

AccuPick’s drag-and-drop interface and instant training saves a huge amount of time and resources

AccuPick 3D Vision with NVIDIA Isaac Manipulator

Solomon has integrated the latest NVIDIA technology with AccuPick, unlocking advanced motion planning, and enhancing the functionality and performance of robot arms.

Unveiled by NVIDIA CEO and founder Jensen Huang during his GTC keynote, NVIDIA Isaac Manipulator provides cutting-edge motion generation and AI capabilities.

Smart Bin Picking

Pick and Place

AccuPick excels at picking complex objects that other systems struggle with, like small, transparent, reflective, deformable, or irregular shaped items. Our proficiency in optimizing pick-and-place tasks, where a robot autonomously selects and places items, is due to AccuPick’s rapid AI and compatibility with 30+ robot brands.

Suitable for: Heavy Lifting, Stacking Items, CNC Machining

Unknown Picking

AccuPick enables robots to identify and retrieve objects from the bin without prior knowledge of the item, location, or orientation. This allows our customers to complete unknown picking tasks with greater speed, precision, and efficiency.

Suitable for: Palletizing/Depalletizing, Warehousing, Logistics

Random Bin Picking

AccuPick streamlines material handling by using random bin picking, where robots retrieve randomly arranged or assorted objects from bins, eliminating the need for manual sorting and improving overall efficiency with unrivaled accuracy.

Suitable for: Manufacturing, Automotive, Pharmaceuticals, Food & Beverage

Other AccuPick Applications


Successfully integrated a previously unsupported robot brand with a PLC for efficient control.
Achieved high accuracy and efficiency in picking despite changes in box position and orientation during depalletization.
Reduced cycle time to 5 seconds per box.


AI-based robotic 3D vision accurately identified bobbin positions despite random rack placement.
Precise coordinates enabled flawless bobbin unloading, reducing manual labor and increasing productivity.
Implementing the automated deracking solution improved worker safety by negating the need for manual handling.
automated kitting assembly line


Solomon’s solution optimized space utilization, occupying just 1 sqm of space for a fully automated assembly line.
The vision system accurately recognized intricate objects and achieved precise component placement, meeting tolerance requirements of less than 1 mm.
Solomon’s solution reduced cycle time to under 5 seconds per component through quick recognition and multi-functional gripper design, improving overall efficiency and productivity.

Instant Intelligence Rapid AI Model Training

New Item Recognition in Less Than 60 Seconds

Add a New Item to an Existing Project

Select Pick-Point and Orientation

Leading Multinational Customers

Our in-house developed AI and 3D machine vision systems have positioned Solomon as a global leader in industrial automation technology solutions. Our international clientele includes companies and enterprises across diverse industries including semiconductors, electronics, automotive, food, textiles, logistics, and more.