SolVisionAI Vision System

Industrial Automation Software

SolVision Product Description

SolVision AI vision software optimizes inspections with Solomon’s unique rapid AI model training for superior defect detection, item classification, optical character recognition, and presence/absence checks.

Our solution reduces inspection time and boosts accuracy compared to manual and less advanced systems, ensuring manufacturers meet high-quality standards. SolVision seamlessly integrates with several industrial cameras and includes built-in PLC communications via TCP/IP and Modbus protocols at no extra cost.

Ideal for manufacturing, food & beverage, textiles, electronics, and more, SolVision’s advanced features cater to diverse industry needs, guaranteeing accuracy and high quality.

SolVision Features

Rapid Learning AI

SolVision can train an AI model in minutes through Solomon’s unique Rapid AI Model Training technology.

Diverse AI Vision Applications

SolVision offers outstanding performance and versatility for a range of AI inspection applications, providing tailored automation solutions for specific industry needs.

Few Images Needed

SolVision can learn new items from as few as 1-5 image samples, saving users hours of exhaustive annotations.

Intuitive Interface

SolVision’s user-friendly UI lets users label multiple defect types simultaneously, making it ideal for classification tasks with multiple defects and features.

SolVision Applications

Defect Detection

Overcoming the limitations of ordinary defect inspection systems, SolVision detects defects in real-time with speed and precision, ensuring greater inspection efficiency and higher standards of product quality.


With just a few sample images, SolVision uses advanced deep learning technology to quickly and accurately recognize and categorize different items much faster and with greater precision than traditional inspection methods.


Through advanced AI models trained on just a few image samples, SolVision enables automated visual inspection to detect missing components, ensuring effective quality control and defect management on high-capacity production lines with unmatched accuracy and efficiency.

Optical Character Recognition

SolVision’s OCR tool utilizes its built-in image processing capabilities to recognize numbers, characters, and text, seamlessly extracting this information into a digitized format.

SolVision Industry Case Studies

an assembly line of cars with robots working on them


three construction workers wearing hi vis jackets at a construction site in front of a cement truck


close up of an engineer is soldering a circuit board


a conveyor belt filled with lots of baked snacks

Food and Beverage

cardboard box moving along a conveyor in a warehouse


optical sorting machine for fastening nuts


a stack of metal sheets on top of a metal table

Metal Processing

an optoelectronics machine with a blue light inside of it


a man checking fuel truck pipeline


vials of medication are lined up on a conveyor belt

Pharmaceuticals and Medical

a close up of a semiconductor wafer being fabricated


a stack of textile spindles behind a yellow robot arm

Textiles and Footwear

Leading Multinational Customers

Our in-house developed AI and 3D machine vision systems have positioned Solomon as a global leader in industrial automation technology solutions. Our international clientele includes companies and enterprises across diverse industries including semiconductors, electronics, automotive, food, textiles, logistics, and more.