unpolished metal workpieces in a bin

AccuPickCase Study

Bin Picking Unpolished Metal for CNC Machining


The customer is a multinational company headquartered in Asia that specializes in chemical glass manufacturing.


Automating CNC Machine Loading

The customer had a bin containing unpolished metal workpieces that needed to be identified, picked, and placed into CNC machines for polishing.

unpolished metal workpieces in a bin


Precision Bin Picking for CNC Machining

This process demands a highly precise solution due to a combination of factors: large picking distances exceeding 1250mm within the bin, challenging workpiece characteristics like unpolished metal surfaces that can be difficult for traditional vision systems to identify, and a strict +/- 1mm picking accuracy requirement to avoid collisions or gripping failures during the process.


Streamlining CNC Machining with AccuPick + SolScan

AccuPick incorporates high-precision 3D machine vision with advanced AI technology. Combined with SolScan industrial 3D camera, the system simplifies the identification and generation of 3D picking points, significantly reducing setup time. In just 1.5 seconds, SolScan swiftly produces clear 3D point cloud maps and 6D object coordinates, enabling AccuPick to precisely identify the target objects for seamless placement into CNC machines. Compatible with 20+ industrial robot brands and effortlessly connecting through standard PLC protocols, AccuPick offers a versatile automated bin picking solution for machine tending tasks.


Effortlessly integrated into the current system
Reduced setup time through rapid 3D mapping and object identification
Provided precise CNC loading for enhanced efficiency
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