META-aiviCase Study

Optimizing Apron Management with AR + AI


The customer is a major international airport hub that handles millions of passengers each year.


Optimizing Turnaround Time in Airside Operations

In the pursuit of operational efficiency and cost reduction, a major international airport is undertaking a comprehensive analysis of its aircraft turnaround time. Recognizing that time on the ground directly impacts financial performance, the airport is particularly focused on minimizing the duration it takes for an airplane to connect to the bridge upon landing.

The objective is to quantify and optimize each step in the turnaround process, ensuring that the overall time aligns with industry standards. By strategically reducing turnaround times, the airport aims to avoid disruptions, alleviate tarmac congestion, and enhance the overall efficiency of its apron management operations.

commercial airplane on apron at night connected to jet bridge


Overcoming the Complexities of Turnaround Time Management

The airport faces inherent challenges in optimizing aircraft turnaround time on the apron, particularly in areas beyond its direct control. Key steps like cargo loading, catering, and passenger disembarkation are presently timed manually, posing challenges in accurately gauging the duration of each task consistently.

This complexity is exacerbated by the high volume of daily flights, occurring concurrently throughout the day. The lack of real-time insights creates substantial obstacles in effectively measuring, managing, and enhancing the operational efficiency of the turnaround process.


AI + AR Integration for Efficient Apron Management

META-aivi was introduced to address the manual challenges of determining the duration of each step in the aircraft turnaround process. This innovative system combines AR with AI, utilizing real-time monitoring through IP cameras to enable the accurate measurement of the duration of each step.

By automating the process, the AI model precisely calculates average times for various turnaround steps. Additionally, META-aivi seamlessly integrates with the existing apron management system, providing real-time data outputs. This integration empowers airport authorities to swiftly identify and address any issues within the turnaround process, enhancing overall apron management efficiency.


Systematically calculated time spent on each step
Enabled simultaneous real-time monitoring and detection
Data was seamlessly transferred from META-aivi to the apron management system

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