• Inspection engineers preparing to rappel down a rotor blade of a wind turbine in a wind farm on a clear day with blue sky

    Wind Turbine Inspection Using Drones + AI

    META-aivi maximizes wind turbine inspection efficiency with AI-powered drones, mitigating human error in onshore and offshore wind farm maintenance.

  • transceiver module electronic component soldering inspection using AI

    Electronic Components Soldering Inspection Using AI

    Explore how META-aivi optimizes electronic components inspection, using AI to increase accuracy and reduce human error in soldering inspection.

  • leftover plastic parts from plastic injection molding machine

    Verifying Plastic Parts for Recycling Using AI

    Explore how META-aivi optimizes waste management with AI, reducing errors and avoiding contamination while enhancing the efficiency of plastic parts recycling.

  • close-up of PCB assembly

    PCB Assembly Verification Using AI

    META-aivi optimizes PCB assembly and inspection for a leading IPC manufacturer, enhancing precision and efficiency with AR + AI verification.

  • a forklift truck drives past stacked shelves insides a warehouse

    Inventory Management Using AR + AI

    META-aivi improves logistics efficiency with smart inventory management. AR + AI enhances counting accuracy, reduces human error, and streamlines workflows.

  • a welder welding a piece of metal with sparks

    Welding Bead Defect Detection

    AI models can be trained and uploaded into the system for qualified welding points. This enables AI inspection of welded sections using AR glasses or a tablet device to quickly recognize defective welds.

  • Intelligent Remote Facility Management

    Machine vision is utilized to perform Optical Character Recognition (OCR). This information is sent to the cloud to create an inspection report, allowing plant operators to easily monitor facility inspection through mobile devices.

  • front car headlight isolated on a white background

    Automotive Parts Quality Control Using AI

    META-aivi optimizes automotive parts quality control with AI, reducing errors and digitizing the process for unparalleled product inspection efficiency.

  • Surgical clamps and medical equipment on a green surgical tray inside operating room

    Surgical Instrument Preparation Using AI

    Optimized surgical instrument preparation with META-aivi for enhanced patient safety. 60% time saved. 100% item identification accuracy.