META-aiviCase Study

Electrical Wiring Inspection with AR Technology


The customer is a manufacturer operating a smart factory.


Ensuring Electrical Safety Through Circuit Configuration Inspection

As manufacturing becomes increasingly automated through the integration and connectivity of machinery and systems, factories are achieving greater operational efficiency. However, ensuring the correct wiring configuration for each machine is crucial to maintain safe and efficient operations. The wiring setup can vary from one machine to another so it’s important to prioritize wiring inspection and control to achieve the benefits of automation without risking downtime or compromising safety.

an electrician inspects complex machinery wiring in a smart factory


Standardization of Equipment Wiring and Inspection Systems

Personnel must verify wiring to ensure the correct and safe operation of equipment. Without a robust verification mechanism, accidents such as electrical fires can occur, posing a risk to personnel and damaging the equipment and facility. Additionally, inadequate training or a lack of understanding of complex wiring may result in personnel being unable to effectively communicate encountered issues during inspection, further increasing the risk of errors and equipment failure.


META-aivi Helps Personnel Perform Complex Wiring Inspections

During the wiring inspection process, META-aivi can recognize multiple types of circuit images and verify wiring configuration during inspections. META-aivi displays the standard operating procedures on the device screen, guiding the operator to correct any errors while also outputting detection results with a timestamp. This creates a digitized inspection record that can be remotely viewed by back-end personnel and uploaded to the facility’s cloud database for compliance and archiving.

META-aivi Inspection Results

AI inspection of a wiring panel showing incorrect cable placement
Using AI technology META-aivi inspects the wiring panel and identifies mismatched cables
AI inspection of a wiring panel showing correct cable placement
Using AR technology META-aivi guides the operator to reconfigure the wiring in the correct way


META-aivi assisted maintenance personnel in verifying the correct wiring configuration during visual inspection
Inexperienced personnel could leverage the expertise of seasoned employees through the AI model, guiding personnel in correcting mistakes and preventing accidents by ensuring the correct configuration of wiring
META-aivi could also help create inspection records and upload the data to a cloud database for easy access, greatly improving safety and maintenance management
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