SOP Validation

  • close-up of PCB assembly

    PCB Assembly Verification Using AI

    META-aivi optimizes PCB assembly and inspection for a leading IPC manufacturer, enhancing precision and efficiency with AR + AI verification.

  • male professional checking the condition of a fire extinguisher

    Fire Extinguisher Inspection Using AR + AI

    Discover how a company improved fire extinguisher inspections by implementing META-aivi, enabling real-time issue detection, streamlining processes, and reducing inspection time by 60%.

  • An energy storage system (ESS) in a park surrounded by trees, solar panels, and an wind turbine

    Energy Storage System Setup Verification Using AR + AI

    META-aivi transforms energy storage system setup and inspection, optimizing accuracy and efficiency with real-time SOP validation using AR + AI technology.

  • Pickup truck production line, workers are working

    Electric Vehicle Assembly Verification Using AR + AI

    Discover how META-aivi’s AR + AI capabilities enhanced electric vehicle assembly verification and quality control for one of the world’s leading EV manufacturers.

  • Loading and Unloading Tanker Trucks Safely Using AR + AI

    META-aivi uses AI detection to perform a step-by-step inspection of the chemical tanker loading/unloading process to ensure the operator is following the correct procedure.

  • an electrician inspecting a wiring panel inside a smart factory

    Electrical Wiring Inspection with AR Technology

    META-aivi displays the standard operating procedures on the device screen, guiding the operator to correct any errors while also outputting detection results with a timestamp.