• iced ring doughnuts in a white box

    Automated Self-Checkout Using AI

    International doughnut chain improves checkout efficiency with AI-based automated self-checkout, reducing customer wait times and enhancing store operations.

  • casino chips on a poker table

    Casino Chips Counting Verification Using AI

    META-aivi verification ensures 100% accuracy in casino chips counting, enhancing cash out security and efficiency in one of Asia’s largest casinos.

  • a forklift truck drives past stacked shelves insides a warehouse

    Inventory Management Using AR + AI

    META-aivi improves logistics efficiency with smart inventory management. AR + AI enhances counting accuracy, reduces human error, and streamlines workflows.

  • Surgical clamps and medical equipment on a green surgical tray inside operating room

    Surgical Instrument Preparation Using AI

    Optimized surgical instrument preparation with META-aivi for enhanced patient safety. 60% time saved. 100% item identification accuracy.

  • Blur abstract background of people shopping in supermarket, products on shelves

    Retail Stock Verification Using AR + AI

    In a nationwide supermarket chain, META-aivi revolutionized shelf organization by addressing challenges such as misplaced products, stock shortages, and new employee training.

  • high quality Galvanized steel pipe or Aluminum and chrome stainless pipes in stack waiting for shipment in warehouse

    Parts Inventory Management Using AR + AI

    META-aivi uses artificial intelligence to accurately identify size variations of the pipes instantaneously. Using the fast counting feature, all the different parts are classified and counted within seconds.