Solomon to Unveil Advanced 3D Vision Solutions at Hannover Mess

We are thrilled to announce our participation in the renowned global industry event, Hannover Messe, taking place from April 23 to 27. As the leading provider of 3D Vision solutions, Solomon Technology Corporation has received a special invitation to exhibit our revolutionary products. Join us at the event as we showcase our groundbreaking 3D bin picking, VGR (Vision Guided Robotic), and AI inspection solutions.

At Solomon, our mission is to be the ultimate partner for robots. Our flagship product, AccuPick, incorporates an advanced 3D vision system that empowers robots with high-precision object recognition and localization capabilities. By automating traditionally labor-intensive tasks and reducing the need for human judgment, our intuitive automation solutions significantly boost industry productivity.

With SolVision, our intelligent vision solution, powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence and deep learning technology, we make industrial robots smarter and easier to use. Our 3D vision solution seamlessly integrates with the arms of major robot manufacturers worldwide, enabling quick and accurate identification and sorting of complex objects. This versatile technology has found successful applications in various industries, including logistics, food & beverage, metal processing, automotive, machine tending, textiles, footwear, and the medical field.

In addition to our participation in the Hannover exhibition, we are excited to announce our presence at the upcoming 2018 Automatica in Munich, Germany, from June 19th to 22nd. Join us at this prestigious event as we showcase our exceptional 3D vision capabilities alongside our AI inspection software solution. We are actively seeking strategic partnerships and extend a warm welcome to robot distributors, system integrators, and industry partners to join us in creating a powerful alliance for the future.

Hannover Messe invitation

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