Solomon 3D Vision Launch at 2018 Hannover Messe

Hannover Messe, a well-known global industry event, will be held from April 23 to 27. SOLOMON Technology Corporation, the leading provider of 3D Vision solutions, was also invited to participate the exhibition, and will show its 3D bin picking, VGR (Vision Guided Robotic) and AI inspection solutions.

Solomon aims to be the best partner for robots. Solomon′s AccuPick features a 3D vision system that enables robot automation to recognize and locate objects with high accuracy in a short timeframe. Intuitive automation boosts overall industry productivity by decreasing the burden of traditional tasks involving human judgment and intensive labour.

Solomon′s intelligent vision solution uses in advanced artificial intelligence and deep learning technology to make industrial robots smarter and easier to use. The 3D vision solution can already support the arms of the world′s major robot manufacturers. Moreover, the system can be quickly and accurately identified to clip and sort in complex objects. It has already been deployed for applications in the logistics, food & beverage, metal processing, automotive, machine tending, textiles, footwear, medical industries and other related applications.

In addition to Hannover exhibition this month, Solomon will also exhibit its 3D vision, as well as its AI inspection software solution, in 2018 Automatica, held in Munich, Germany from June 19th to 22nd. Solomon aims to seek and expand the strategic partners; we particularly welcome robot distributors, system integrators, and industry partners to create a strategic alliance for the future together.


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