Solomon welcomes you to experience our newest innovations at the Modex 2022

Solomon Technology is pleased to announce their new partnership with Kawasaki Robotics. The pairing of Kawasaki’s industry-leading robotics with Solomon’s award-winning AI 3D vision results in top-notch automation that gives customers a competitive edge. By leveraging each other’s strengths, Solomon and Kawasaki can provide top-of-the-line solutions for picking, inspection, depalletizing, path planning, and machine tending applications in a wide range of industries.

To see the partnership in action, head to MODEX 2022 in Atlanta, GA. Powered by Solomon’s AccuPick 3D bin picking AI software and using a structured light 3D scanner, a Kawasaki RS005L robot equipped with Solomon’s proprietary, US-patented gripper will pick and place different-colored packaging and textures.
The show takes place March 28-31, 2022, at the Georgia World Congress Center. Stop by Solomon’s booth #C5468 to see this innovative bin picking solution in person.

MODEX 2022 in Atlanta

About Solomon Technology

Established in 1973, Solomon Technology has a global presence providing AI 3D vision solutions for manufacturing & logistics. Solomon Technology’s products offer material handling, inspection, and vision guided robotics all in one platform, and can combine 3D & 2D vision capabilities for advanced image processing. It provides over 80 qualified system integrators, 40 service engineers, and 26 North American offices, along with a global network of 23 locations, to provide strong product support and services.

About Kawasaki Robotics

As a fully integrated robot manufacturer with decades of experience in industrial robotics, Kawasaki is an automation partner you can trust. They provide customers with flexible, high-quality robots that stand the test of time in today’s ever-changing manufacturing landscape.

As demand for automation grows and applications diversify, Kawasaki’s versatile lineup of robots are ready to take on the challenge. With payloads ranging from 3 to 1,500 kg, Kawasaki’s diverse set of robotic offerings can handle any application, from high precision PCB assembly to full-layer palletizing.


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