Solomon Unveils Revolutionary 3D Embedded Camera and Cloud-Based AI Inspection Platform using NVIDIA AI and Metropolis for Factories

Solomon, a leading innovator in industrial technology solutions, announced it is collaborating with NVIDIA to develop groundbreaking products in robotics and artificial intelligence. The result of this work is the world’s first 3D embedded camera that incorporates advanced neural networks specifically designed for 3D robotic material handling.

Leveraging the full power of the latest NVIDIA Jetson Orin modules, along with the utilization of NVIDIA Metropolis for Factories, the CUDA parallel computing platform, and the TensorRT SDK for deep learning model optimization, Solomon’s AccuPick 3D camera revolutionizes how objects’ images are processed and recognized. This state-of-the-art smart camera eliminates the need for a separate controller to handle complex tasks associated with 3D point cloud data, AI image recognition, and robots’ motion planning. With just a few clicks, the AccuPick camera instantly identifies and locates objects, without requiring annotation, AI training, or any 3D CAD files of the object. This unique capability distinguishes AccuPick as the optimal solution to handle 3D robotic material handling applications, including machine tending, depalletization, piece picking, assembly, and kitting.

In addition to the development of the 3D embedded camera, Solomon has integrated NVIDIA accelerated computing for a complete cloud-based AI inspection platform. Solomon’s no-code AI inspection software, SolVision, is already trusted by customers across multiple industries as diverse as semiconductors, automotive parts, consumer goods, and food production. Now, SolVision seamlessly connects with NVIDIA Metropolis, enabling training and inference on the cloud. The NVIDIA Metropolis for Factories platform, part of NVIDIA’s suite of factory automation AI workflows, empowers industrial solution providers and manufacturers to develop, deploy, and manage customized quality-control solutions.

This work has yielded products that redefine the capabilities of robotics and AI. Notably, the world’s first 3D embedded camera and the cloud-based AI inspection platform have emerged as significant advancements in their respective areas. These innovations offer enhanced functionality and streamlined workflows, resulting in cost savings and improved production throughput. With the integration of NVIDIA technologies, Solomon remains at the forefront of driving innovation and delivering practical automation and optimization solutions tailored to the evolving needs of industry.

About Solomon

Solomon is a leading provider of industrial automation and augmented intelligence solutions, specializing in AI inspection systems and process optimization. With a strong focus on innovation and a customer-centric approach, Solomon is dedicated to helping customers optimize their operations, maximize efficiency, and ensure superior product quality. This commitment to excellence has earned Solomon numerous accolades, positioning the company at the forefront of driving efficiency and productivity in manufacturing and related industries.

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