Solomon’s Innovative 3D Bin Picking and AI Inspection Solutions Impress at ATX West

For the first time, Solomon exhibited its cutting-edge 3D bin picking and AI Inspection solutions in North America at ATX West, held in Anaheim, California from February 6th to 8th 2018. The overwhelmingly positive response from over 500 visitors at this automation exhibition highlighted the strong demand for intelligent robotic vision solutions in North America, as more manufacturers bring their operations back to the US.

Visitors from various industries, including major multinational corporations in medical instruments, aerospace and defense, toys, automotive, electronics, retail, and logistics, demonstrated significant interest in AccuPick 3D, our 3D bin picking solution. This solution automates the pick-and-place of small objects, tasks previously performed manually or by rigid and costly mechanical systems. The high costs associated with manual inspections in North American production lines also attracted considerable attention, with many visitors showing keen interest in our AI Inspection software, SolVision. This software enables the detection of irregular patterns or defects without the need for customized coding by software engineers. Instead, only fast and simple image labeling and training by operators is required.

Johnny Chen, chairman of Solomon Technology Corporation, commented on the feedback received from ATX West, stating, “The strong interest shown by end users from a wide array of industries, as well as distributors and system integrators in the robotics and vision inspection businesses, reaffirms our belief that intelligent vision solutions are critical enablers of Industry 4.0 initiatives worldwide. We are particularly optimistic about the market outlook in the US, where more American multinational companies are seeking to bring back their manufacturing. This is a market we must continue to focus on, with a local presence to provide faster and outstanding service and support.”

visitors gathered around Solomon's booth at ATX West