Solomon Webinar

Intelligent Solutions that Bring Your Factory into the Future

Tuesday, November 3, 2020 | 9:00 AM CET


Every day, companies worldwide handle numerous objects before assembling and shipping them across various industries including automotive, consumer goods, and medical sectors.

Presenting AccuPick 3D, an intelligent vision system that empowers robots to precisely manipulate components of varying shapes, sizes, and materials, all through an intuitive interface.

Join us in this webinar to explore how our award-winning solution, AccuPick 3D (Smart Bin Picking), can assist you in effectively tackling even the most demanding bin-picking tasks.


  1. Who needs bin picking?
  2. Difference between traditional rule-based 3D and AI-based 3D
  3. How can AI help to achieve a significantly higher picking success?
  4. Examples of AI 3D picking
  5. Q&A


Henry Chen, Senior Sales Manager

Henry Chen

Senior Sales Manager

Jennifer Alvarez, Business Development Manager

Jennifer Alvarez

Business Development Manager

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