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META-aiviCase Study

Electric Vehicle Assembly Verification Using AR + AI


The customer is a prominent Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer that has achieved success in the development of commercial and mini electric vehicles, establishing a substantial position in the rapidly growing electric vehicle (EV) market.


Precision in Electric Vehicle Assembly

Electric vehicles, similar to traditional automobiles, consist of numerous components and undergo several quality control inspections throughout the vehicle assembly process. Tasks such as body welding, engine and suspension assembly, seat and steering wheel installation, paintwork finishing, and final testing are checked to ensure proper installation and meet high-quality standards. Recognizing the need for improved accuracy in assembly verification and inspection, the customer sought an AI solution to enhance the overall quality assurance process.

Electric vehicle assembly verification using AR + AI real-time guidance


Addressing Human Error and Ensuring SOP Adherence

Production line personnel currently rely on a combination of sensors and manual inspection for verification. However, the possibility of human errors exists, primarily due to lapses in concentration and general fatigue. Moreover, the current process lacks a robust mechanism to ensure strict adherence to assembly and inspection standard operating procedures (SOPs).


Enhanced Quality Control with AR + AI

Solomon’s AR + AI technology, META-aivi, enables real-time recognition and verification of various electric vehicle (EV) components throughout the assembly process. The system promptly displays instructions on a smart device screen, guiding workers through each assembly step, and identifies any abnormalities or errors at every stage. Moreover, META-aivi generates inspection records and uploads them to a cloud database, enhancing accountability while improving overall quality control.


AR + AI empowers production line personnel by providing real-time guidance, enhancing their skills and performance
META-aivi streamlines electric vehicle assembly, leading to increased efficiency and reduced assembly time
Inspection records provide accountability and data for continuous process optimization

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