Surgical clamps and medical equipment on a surgical tray

META-aiviCase Study

Surgical Instrument Preparation Using AI


The customer is a leading healthcare provider managing a network of state-of-the-art hospitals, delivering comprehensive primary healthcare services.


Surgical Instrument and Equipment Preparation

The customer wanted to implement a failsafe backup procedure to enhance accuracy and save time when preparing surgical instruments for surgery and post-surgery.

Surgical clamps and medical equipment on a green surgical tray inside operating room


Surgical Instrument Misidentification and Patient Safety

Manually distinguishing similar-looking surgical instruments is challenging and time-consuming, raising concerns about efficiency and accuracy. The potential for misidentification poses a risk to patient safety, underscoring the need for a verification system for added diligence.


Swift and Precise Item Verification with META-aivi

Solomon’s innovative solution combines the integration of IP cameras with META-aivi, enabling real-time counting and classification of surgical instruments. This solution ensures swift verification of instruments before and after surgery, addressing the challenge of manual differentiation.

META-aivi allows for simultaneous checking of multiple instruments, streamlining the process and significantly reducing the time required for this task. This advanced technology acts as a failsafe mechanism, enhancing accuracy and minimizing risks to patient safety associated with instrument misidentification.


60% reduction in time spent checking and preparing surgical instruments
100% counting accuracy and classification of all surgical equipment on the tray
Simultaneous identification and verification of multiple items in real-time

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