Solomon Webinar

Flexible Automation Solutions for an Unlimited Amount of Retail Items

Wednesday, January 20, 2021 | 10:00 AM PST


Rethink the concept of warehouse automation. Solomo’s latest bin picking innovation combines AI and 3D vision for real-time piece picking, offering a reliable solution.

AccuPick SmartPack distinguishes itself in the field of robotic 3D vision solutions, providing flexibility through its adaptable 3D vision hardware compatibility and an advanced AI-driven vision software algorithm.

SmartPack seamlessly integrates with robots from various brands, making it a versatile choice for your robotic 3D vision projects.


  1. Solomon AI’s capabilities for locating a wide range of retail items
  2. Solomon’s proprietary vision-controlled gripper
  3. Intelligent packing solution
  4. Material handling automation process with SmartPack
  5. Q&A

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