META-aivi Transforms Industrial Safety Inspection with AI-Assisted Verification

Solomon Technology Corporation, a leader in the development of AI and 3D vision solutions, brings worksite safety inspection to a whole new level with META-aivi. This hands-free wearable AI solution enables validation of work conducted by frontline workers, empowering them to solve a wide range of complex tasks such as verification of wiring layouts and industrial panel settings. META-aivi sets the standard for efficiency and safety, greatly improving frontline operations by detecting and recognizing errors in real-time.

Currently, verification of industrial work is often costly and time-consuming. Repetitive, complex manual inspection often leads to fatigue and human errors for the frontline workforce; moreover, the lack of validation mechanisms and operational records for employees can result in serious accidents where worker safety is paramount. Solomon’s wearable AI solution is uniquely positioned to address these challenges and improve frontline operations.

Wearable AI Inspection for Enhanced Work Procedure Validation

META-aivi augments human cognition through the use of wearable AR glasses that support AI inspection of complex tasks, such as cable wiring layout, significantly boosting frontline workers’ awareness and efficiency. For example, META-aivi identifies and captures images of the cable wiring, which are sent to the AI module for analysis and then back to the glasses’ screen in real-time, effectively alerting frontline workers of any abnormal or safety issues needing corrective action.

Utilized in a wide range of industrial applications, Solomon’s META-aivi builds an inspection history and uploads it to a database for future reference. This allows workers with no prior experience to effortlessly solve any issues encountered and help companies achieve their organizational goals.

About Solomon

Solomon is an award-winning developer of AI and 3D vision solutions with a mission to enable robots with human-like recognition capabilities. Its visionary wearable AI solution enhances frontline workers’ cognition through augmented reality applications.

This article was originally published in EIN Presswire on July 20, 2022

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