AccuPick 3D SV-Series: Our Award-Winning Bin Picking Solution Integrated with Intel RealSense Technology

AccuPick 3D, our versatile 3D bin picking solution, has integrated with Intel RealSense Technology – bringing together the best-in-class 3D camera using active stereo vision (SV) from Intel with Solomon’s award-winning bin picking software.

The small form factor scanner makes it simple to attach to a robot and adjust the working distance without worrying that the scanner might hinder the robot’s movement. RealSense is also capable of scanning items in motion with its fast image acquisition rate.

Intel RealSense 3D camera

Take Full Advantage of Intel RealSense with the Power of AccuPick 3D

Traditionally, bin picking applications have relied on costly and sub-mm accuracy 3D scanners that use structured light and laser triangulation technologies. The new SV-Series however presents a groundbreaking tool for bin picking, particularly in the e-commerce and logistics industries. The SV-Series can also be used to automate the picking of metal and plastic objects commonly found in manufacturing and fabrication industries.

To find out more about how AccuPick 3D SV-Series can aid your automation project please reach out to us at or click here to request a free proof of concept.