male professional checking the condition of a fire extinguisher

META-aiviCase Study

Fire Extinguisher Inspection Using AR + AI


The customer is a manufacturer that operates several large-scale factory sites.


Fire Extinguisher Inspection Compliance

Manufacturers must adhere to stringent health and safety regulations, with fire safety being a crucial component. To ensure compliance with local fire safety regulations, the customer aimed to find an efficient solution for inspecting all on-site fire extinguishers.

two fire extinguishers on the wall in a warehouse


Fire Extinguisher Inspection Efficiency

The primary challenge arises from the significant number of fire extinguishers requiring inspection. The current inspection process involves manual checks and comprehensive form submissions for each extinguisher, a procedure that takes hours and needs to be repeated every day. This has prompted the customer to explore methods to streamline and enhance this essential yet labor-intensive process.

Additionally, the customer sought a way to verify that inspections had been completed in full and that the fire extinguishers were in proper working order. Any non-functioning fire extinguisher could result in fines for the company from local regulatory authorities.


Enhancing Safety Inspections with AR + AI

Using META-aivi, the first step involved creating an accurate AI model capable of identifying different types of fire extinguishers and their components. The introduction of META-aivi led to a 60% reduction in the inspection time and in the event of a missing part in any inspected fire extinguisher, operators are promptly notified in real-time.

META-aivi was also designed to seamlessly transmit inspection information to the company’s system, digitizing the inspection process and ensuring that there was evidence of each inspection being carried out correctly, in case the regulatory authorities required proof of inspection.


Enabled real-time detection of missing or faulty components
Digitized the process for easier inspection reporting
Reduced inspection time by 60%
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